Raisin's Cave is the first level in Munch's Oddysee, and the Almighty Raisin's whereabouts. It's generally a short simple basic level with no obstacles to be overcomed. First, Abe comes across an Info Ternimal, that'll provide him information (they generally help out players in various levels for players who've never played the game before), pressing it will provide information stating "The Almighty Raisin has Spoken", and it'll open up a door right beside him to an area filled with Green Yellow Spotted Blobs called Spooce, a currency that gets collected throughout the game. He'll also meet The Shaman, a Blue Elderly Mudokon sent by The Almighty Raisin to help him and Munch out throughout the game. Once all 50 Spooce has been collected, Abe can donate them into a Spooce Lock to open up a door leading to the Cave's exit, and will head on over to the next level.


  • This is the only level in the game to not have any enemies, or anything that'll cost health.
  • This along with Mudokon Pens and The Loading Dock are the only levels where a door opens upon a Specific Occasion, in the case of this level a door will open after Abe reads an Info Ternimal.

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