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Faction Native
Class Wildlife
Family Unknown
Homeland Mudos
Role Scouts
Conservation Status Least Concern

The Ratz are a small, gray-ish, one legged rodent species with glowing green eyes. They seem to be present all over Oddworld, as they appear briefly in many cutscenes of Munch's Oddysee. They act as the Almighty Raisin's eyes and ears, investigating industrial factories and reporting information, for the Raisin himself is too large and heavy to do so. Therefore, the Raisin knows nearly everything that happens around Oddworld. They have also been known to help adventurers in need, if one is wise enough to read the signs they give. For example, it can be seen in the opening cutscene for Munch's Oddysee that many ratz run away from Munch's side when the Vykker Pod comes. It can be assumed they kept him company overnight. They were given a large forehead and glowing eyes, to imply intelligence.


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