A Native Resurrection Totem

Resurrection Totems are native devices scattered throughout Oddworld which have the ability to bring back Native Mudokons from the dead by spending Spooce.


Resurrection Totems are constructed from rocks and wood. A large stone archway is set upon a round wooden platform, and has several wooden spokes tied to it. At the center of the platform is a red spiral on a flat white platform; a purple orb hangs on rope from the center of the archway directly over this spiral.

Every Resurrection Totem is paired with a nearby SpooceLock which is used to transfer the Spooce required to operate the Totem. It costs 10 Spooce to revive each, and they'll always be revived in their Standard Forms, regardless if they've been upgraded through a Transformation Shrine into more Powerful Tomahawkers and Mudarchers.


Oddworld Munch's Oddysee Perfect Quarma Walkthrough Part 210:36

Oddworld Munch's Oddysee Perfect Quarma Walkthrough Part 2

A Resurrection Totem can be seen in use at 3:15

Resurrection Totems can bring recently-deceased Mudokons back from the dead. When the required Spooce is paid, an electric bolt discharges from the orb and the revived Mudokon appears on the spiral platform at the center of the Totem.

It is unknown exactly how Resurrection Totems are able to bring Mudokons back from the dead, beyond the fact that they utilize a combination of Mudokon mysticism and Spooce power.


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