Name Sam
Gender Female
Species Mudokon
Role Protagonist
Status Living

Sam is the only known living female Mudokon. All of her eggs that hatch are instantly born into slavery. It is unknown if she is the "Queen" but it's very unlikely anyway, especially with Mudokons being closely related to birds.

Background Edit

She is held captive by industrial forces, and her eggs are shipped off to hatch into slave laborers. The cartons these eggs are kept in bear a stylized cartoon portrait of her. Since the Vykkers realized she lays fewer eggs when she is depressed, they used a Shrink (a sentient AI) to keep her company and comfort her. It's unknown what her relations or feeling toward her Mudokon offspring are. However, the fact she needs the Shrink to keep her happy implies she would fall into deep depression with the idea of her offspring being taken away into slaverly.

Sam's Eggs

Sam's Labor Eggs

It's possible that there used to be plenty of Mudokon females in the past to keep a stable population. Also, it's likely that she is the only enslaved female, because this makes it easier to control the Mudokon population and ensure that any free Mudokons who oppose the Magog Cartel or Vykker's Conglomerate are the last generation to live, besides the slaves.

Until Sam is rescued, the only way for Mudokons, like Abe, to make sure their kind doesn't die out is stolen Labor eggs and rescued scrubs.


Queen Sam's head sculpt.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Sam was originally planned to make an appearance in Munch's Oddysee, being held on Vykkers Labs. However, due to time constraints, this particular part of the plot was cut, and canonically Sam was not actually on Vykkers labs in the first place. Otherwise, the ending would have meant she most likely died in the subsequent explosion.

She was due to make an appearance in Munch's Exoddus prior to its cancellation.