The Scrab-o-Rama advertisment seen in Mudanchee Vault

Scrab-O-Rama was a proposed Scrab hunting reserve, sponsored by the SoulStorm Mining Company.

Background Edit

Once all the bones of dead Mudokons had been excavated from the Mudanchee Vault, the SoulStorm Mining Company had intended to repurpose the ancient burial ground as a hunting reserve for the local fauna. As the wild population of Scrabs continued to deteriorate, the reserve would have provided an excellent opportunity to breed the vicious creatures in an environment that would provide opportunities to generate even more Moolah.

According to the Scrab-O-Rama billboard, the reserve would have seen Mudokon slaves pitted against Scrabs, and it can be assumed that—for a price—one would also be able to hunt Scrabs in a contained environment. The carcasses of deceased Scrabs would then, more than likely, be shipped out to the nearby RuptureFarms for the purpose of raw ingredients.

Since the liberation of the Necrum Burial Grounds by the Mudokon messiah, the status of the proposed hunting reserve is unknown.

Appearances Edit

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