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Scrab Cakes advertisement.

Scrab Cakes have long served as one of RuptureFarms' flagship products. Processed from native Scrab meat and advertised as both "delicious" and "nutritious", Scrab Cakes are exported all over Mudos. Due to the species being hunted to near-extinction, however, the company has started to experience reduced production figures and plummeting sales.


  • Scrab Cakes are named after crab cakes, a snack that contains crab meat.
  • The Scrab shown in the advertisement portrays the Scrab as being green in colour, likely to differentiate the Scrab from the similarly red Meech and avoid confusion for their consumers.
  • According to the RuptureFarms Annual Board Meeting, the company had been recently forced to pay higher taxes on Scrab Cakes. This was due to the company unsuccessfully convincing the Nolybab courts of this particular tasty treat's "cake status".
  • RuptureFarms expected the product to experience a critical failure within 23 days of their Annual Board Meeting, which would have severely hindered the company.
  • Although Scrab Cakes were once a popular tasty treat in the Mongo Valley, the introduction of game hunting, spearheaded by Sekto, has caused a significant reduction in sales.
  • With his recent acquisition of the Necrum Mines, it appears Molluck had attempted to introduce Scrab Cakes into the region, but due to the lack of stable residents, there was no major demand.
  • It is suggested that the commercial spokesperson for RuptureFarms in the Fegas region had successfully introduced Scrab Cakes onto store shelves. However, any successive marketing strategies appeared to have failed, as the spokesperson became distracted by gambling. According to the Annual Board Meeting, "[they] ended up shooting craps", which significantly impacted the ongoing sales of Scrab Cakes.

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