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A view of the temple in Scrabania.

Scrabania is both a desolate wasteland and the homeland of the Scrab both at the same time. A sun-blasted wilderness, Scrabania serves as one of the great trials that must be completed in order to gain the power of Shrykull (the other being the land of the Paramites: Paramonia).

Whilst at first appearing to be little more than a scorching desert with little to see, on closer inspection it becomes apparent that Scrabania is full of flora and fauna. There are also creatures such as Elums and bees, as well as the assortment of industrial creatures such as Sligs and Slogs that have been ordered here for unknown reasons.

It seems strange that throughout Abe's time spent here, he never once encounters a Scrab until he enters the Scrabanian Temple, and it is unknown if wild Scrabs still roam these deserts freely. The temple itself is thought to be a very sacred building to whatever Mudokon civilization once resided here. It contains many chambers full of tests, perils and pitfalls of which Abe survived to get the power of the Shrykull.

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Abe Well Balloon Comparison updated

Comparison images with Abe for reference

Concept art explains that the windmills seen in the background are made of animal bladders sewn together. These balloons can be inflated and deflated. They are always stationary, never seen moving, unlike the windmills in Paramonia. The windmills generally have the symbol of the Wind Well on it and are often 'pointing' towards them and are in the general vicinity of them. It's unknown if these windmills help power the wells.

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