Scrabanian Nests is the sixth (depending on the player's choice) level in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

Summary Edit

The Scrabanian Nests are filled with Scrabs. Only a brave one would venture deep in the nest to be awarded with the Scrab Handscar.

Walkthrough Edit

The main gate is now open and you are going to be chased by a bunch of Scrabs. Sprint to the right and climb up. Hang onto the ledge and climb when the scrab comes down and go up the pulley. Go up to the left and then jump when you have the chance. Climb and sprint until you reach Big Face’s place. Rush to the top left ledge and climb. Wait for the scrab to be on a trap door and then use the lever to start dropping boulders. Jump across the gap and use the other lever to open the door and go through. Go right and into the chutes and jump over to the hut to finish the trial. After the cutscene, you go back to Monsaic Lines.

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