(Abe looks at the temple and exclaims in awe.)

Abe: (narrating) "I looked upon the temple, where the Scrabs should still nest."

(Abe first looks at the rope that he has to cross, then looks at the temple. He gulps in fear, knowing that he will have to face the Scrabs.)

(When the camera pans out, he gives a heavy sigh and walks up to the rope, hanging on to a rock with one hand and holding out the other.

He then places his feet on the rope, lets go of the rock and starts to walk, holding his arms out to balance. When he is halfway across, he loses his balance and cries out in fear. He hangs on for dear life as he whimpers and kicks his legs, trying to stay up, but his body lowers. He drops down until he is under the rope, as he then looks at the camera)

Abe: (speaking) "Oh..."

(Abe tries to pull himself back up, but his right arm accidentally lets go, before grabbing back onto it. He then swings on the rope and locks his legs and feet around it, hanging upside down with his ponytail dangling down as he continues moving. He grunts with effort every time he moves. His right hand then emerges and grabs on to the ground above. Abe is then seeing climbing up back onto the ground and he lets out a pained breath before proceeding to the temple.)

Abe (narrating) "Surviving these creatures...."

(Abe clings on to a wall. He jumps in fear after hearing a Scrab growling. He then gives a sad look.)

Abe: (narrating) "...this would by my test."

(Abe sighs and sneaks into the temple, ending the cutscene)

Gallery Edit

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