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Faction Industrial
Class Minion
Family Unknown (Possibly Octigi)
Homeland Mudos
Role Military/Armed Forces/Middle-class
Conservation Status Least Concern

Sligs are the backbone of Oddworld's industrial security. They are also the loyal, if reluctant, henchmen of the Glukkons, or sometimes other higher societies such as the Vykkers. They are among the most common creatures in any industrial region of Oddworld.


Sligs were originally primitive and simple living creatures who preferred swampy regions, living in bodies of water in bogs and lakes. However when the Glukkons first encountered them, they turned out to be intelligent. Thus, the Glukkons were able to easily negotiate that if the Sligs would work for them, they could grant them robot legs for easy mobility, which they reluctantly accepted. In return for their robotic Slig Pants that grant them the ability to walk, sligs have pledged their loyalty to the Glukkon Industrialists as henchmen and bodyguards. In truth, much of the Glukkon success has been achieved by the Slig's combat capabilities.

Anatomy and Physiology

Slig Army

A Slig army marching at a rally.

Sligs are small, stocky, disgusting creatures that inhabit various areas of Oddworld. They are often described by some as polliwog/octopus/squid-like humanoids. Their heads have an appearance similar to that of a featherless crow with five tentacle-like mandibles that protrude from their face. The appearance of their eyes is unclear as sligs are never seen without masks on, apart from a single concept art piece in "The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years", where the eyes are described as "pathetic, small, helpless-looking." Sligs are somewhat short in stature since their back legs are vestigial and have fused together into a small tail-like appendage. They therefore spend the early years of their life using their front limbs as makeshift legs. As a result, their forearms are oversized due to the increase in muscle mass required for locomotion.

Slig Walk Cycle

Sligs are seen consistently wearing gas masks. The reason for this is believed to be because they may possibly have allergic reactions caused by the industrial pollutants found in the air of their working environments. However, in actual fact, upper management regard sligs as so ugly they are forced to wear masks, otherwise they would simply refuse to work with them.[1]
Slig guard zerosuit by fenglong-d5f8kly

Maskless slig concept render by Hendrik Lober

Sligs as a whole are lazy, violent, cruel, and dull minded. Sligs are also very social; enjoying sports, gambling, card games, and hunting. They often become envious of one another, as they are easily impressed by higher ranks or better equipment than their own. Sligs tend to live only 20 Oddworld years, however, this is most certainly only due to the horrendous affect of their work environment on slig's respiratory systems, it is also of note that, due to the gargantuan size of oddworld, and the fact that it's further away from its sun than Earth, it's years would be longer than our own.

Variants and Purposes

Over time the Sligs agreed to work as loyal allies of the Glukkons who promised to give the Sligs what some would call a "gift" if they were to cooperate. In return for their services, the Glukkons agreed to manufacture prosthetic legs for them known widely as Slig Pants, which provide sligs with increased mobility. Sligs with "pants" are often seen sporting standard issued weapons such as T-1 Guard Weapons or T-2 Fully Automatics. The T-3 Gatling Gun is exclusive to Armored Sligs. There are also Flying Slig harnesses available to some Sligs. The beefed-up, steroid-enhanced version of the Slig is known as the Big-Bro Slig, which is used more as a guard dogs than as a henchmen, and it is considerably tougher to defeat, and packs more fire-power. Sligs are occasionally seen with Slogs as pets or security companions.

Combat tactics

Sligs are lightly armored and generally small, they can be defeated within a matter of seconds if outnumbered or outranked by enemy forces. Sligs usually make up for this through other means of fighting. For example: Sligs are usually found fighting in strategic locations, such as podiums, which (In Munch's Oddysee) make it impossible for possession orbs to get to them. They also deploy powerful weapons such as machine guns. They are also usually found in large numbers or fighting with other, more powerful forces.

Slig Gask Masks

Sligs are always encountered wearing variations of gas masks. The masks are supported by breathing apparatuses as well as areas to provide vision.

Heads Up Display Visor


A Slig sporting the Heads Up Display Visor.

The Slig Heads Up Display Visor or H.U.D. Visor was a variant that was extremely common during the years that RuptureFarms was active. The H.U.D. Visor had a built-in red visor that functioned as a H.U.D. Display with a scanner that was used in order to identify members, employees, and slaves of the Magog Cartel. The visor eventually became obsolete as it had no depth perception.

Pilot Mask


A Slig sporting the Pilot Mask.

The Slig Pilot Mask variant features built-in red lens goggles which are used protect a Slig's vision from natural elements and debris. The Pilot Mask is sported by all variations of Slig. However, they are more common among Flying Sligs. The mask earned its name due to its resemblance to masks worn by real-world jet and fighter plane pilots.[citation needed]

List of Types

Notable Sligs

Unknown to those ignorant, or scared, of asking - Sligs actually have names. They in fact earn them in the crèche, after graduating from Slaughter School. [2] It's also a sign of status, not all sligs have earned the right to publicly be called such. Some sligs have no names and are instead referred to by rank and or purpose that he fulfills in society [3]


Slig tank

A "rumored" Slig Tank

  • Sligs are among the first hostile enemies introduced in each Oddworld game, with the exception of Stranger's Wrath.
  • Sligs were originally called Order Guards.
  • The word slig is a portmanteau of "pig" and "slug".
  • The standard issue Slig assault rifle looks more like a Winchester pump-action shotgun than an assault rifle.
  • In Slig GameSpeak, there are the phrases, "BS" and "S'mo BS" which Sligs represented with buzzing or screeching sounds similar to that of a police siren or horn. The phrases are actual shortened versions of the terms, Bullshit and Some more bullshit. The phrases are completely useless unless they are used by Sligs that are not possessed. When the phrases are spoken they are used to present signs of distrust, dislike, or refusal such as when a Slig is reprimanding or abusing a disliked or rebellious Mudokon. The phrases serve no purpose or significance beyond unlocking Voice Locks in Abe's Exoddus and in Abe's Oddysee.
  • The "BS" and "S'mo BS" sounds the Sligs make in Oddysee and Exoddus are actually distorted flamingo calls[4].
  • According to the manual for Abe's Oddysee, they have "room temperature IQs"
  • The H.U.D. visor bears a striking resemblance to the visor sported by the science fiction character, RoboCop.




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