Slig Armor is basically armor designed to protect Slig workers from harms way.

Standard Variant Edit


The Standard Armor sported by common Sligs

Standard Armor is the traditional and most commonly found form of Slig militant out-fitting. The standard version consists of a brass-aluminum fusion compound which is very resilient to normal T2 fire and provides just enough protection to get away from Blitz-packer fire. Sligs wearing this are (under normal circumstances) wielding a simple T-2 Fully Automatic. This armor also contains enhanced visionary implantation. There are two vision variants. some have two eye holes (such as in the picture) and a visor one.

Big-Bro Variant Edit


Standard Big-Bro Armor

Big-Bro Sligs are issued this specially made armor. Due to their large bodies, the armor is made of a slightly stronger material than of that used for the Standard Armor to lessen the likelihood of the equipment from falling apart and deterioration.

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