Slig Barracks is the sixth level in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.

Summary Edit

Abe ventures within the Slig Barracks to unlock one of the main gates to Soulstorm Brewery.

Walkthrough Edit

Block 0 Edit

After you exit the train, roll into cover to avoid the Sligs. Make your way to the left and enter the door. Go to your right and roll into the dark area. Wait for the Slig to leave and run to pull the lever. Climb up as soon as you pull it. Roll under the fan and jump to the platform on which the Slig is when he turns his back on you and when the other one leaves. Hang onto the ledge and quickly climb up when you are safe. Pull the lever and go up. When the Slig is not watching, climb up and drop to where the lever is. That will unlock the platform, but will also drop the Slig. Climb up and when he is away from his platform, run and climb on it. Use the well. After you land, avoid the flying Slig and climb up to the enclosed platform. Possess him when he is around and go up. Kill the two Sligs and continue going up. Kill the Slig at the bottom and pull the lever, which will drop the top one. Kill him and then pull the lever on your right. After doing that, kill the last Slig and get Abe to go through the door.

After you get out, climb up when the Slig is turned around. Run to the dark area below you and wait for the other Slig to come at you and then walk away. Climb up and jump to where the "BOOM" machine is. When the Slig is not watching, use it and drop a grenade. Get it and throw the grenade at the gap that there is below the platform when the Slig is at that place. Take another grenade and kill the other Slig like you did with the other one. Go back and blow the rest of the Sligs up. Climb to the top and turn the wheel to go through the door. After you exit, possess the Slig and get him down. Deactivate the electric fields and kill him. Get down and get all of the Mudokons. Tell them "Sorry" and get them to turn the wheels. After the door is open, get them through the bird portal and go through the door. The bird portal is located at the bottom.

The next area has 4 wells which lead you to the next 4 blocks. Take each well and complete them to unlock the door.

Block 1 - Shooting Range Edit

Get the lift up and avoid the Sligs. Roll behind the cover and then quickly climb up to get a grenade. Jump across and go behind the covers. Climb up and get behind the covers to avoid shooting. Continue to your left and approach carefully. Use the grenade to quickly blow up the Chant Suppressor. Get back to cover and possess a Slig. Kill the other one and then go left. Avoid the Sligs and jump to where the lever is. Pull it and tell every Mudokon "Sorry". Lead them to the lift and get them back. Then, go back to the right and rescue the Mudokon that is on the top. Rescue the Mudokons and go left to where you were. Go through the door.

Block 2 - Workers' Campus Edit

Avoid the bomb and jump across. Roll into the next area and climb up. Jump to the lift and go down. Jump to the other lift and pull the lever. Then go across and climb up, avoiding the bombs, to pull the lever. Then get the Mudokon to follow you, by saying "Sorry" to him first. Get him to the lift and get him down. Jump across and pull the lever on top. Get the Mudokon onto the bird portal platform. Get the lift down and go to your left. Jump across and deactivate the UXB Mines. Say "Sorry" to the angry Mudokon and get him to follow you from the right side. Get him back to the lift and up. Save the two Mudokons. Go to the far left and enter the door.

Go down and continue right. Sneak past the Slig and climb up. Possess him and kill him by getting him onto the bomb. There is a secret area on the place that the bomb was circling. Roll into it to access it. Get into the second well with the arrow pointing down to get into it.

Secret Area 1:

Avoid the bombs and the Slig. Hide in the dark areas to avoid attention. Sneak into the dark areas and then jump down to where the Mudokons are. Save them and then quickly get out, before the bomb blows you up.

Climb up and then go to the left side. Roll into the next area and then go to the far left. Deactivate all the UXB Mines, then climb up. Avoid the bomb and pull the lever. Slap the Mudokons and the get them on the lift. Go up and don't stop to avoid shooting. When you reach the end, climb up and get the other lift down. Get up and save the Mudokons through the Shrykull portal. Use the power to destroy all the bombs into the next area. Turn the wheel and exit.

Block 3 - Slig Bunks Edit

Go to the well and get up to see the top. After you land, go to your left. Some pantless Sligs will be sleeping. When they wake up, they will go to the right. Electrocute them to kill them by pulling the lever before they reach the "Getcha' Pants" station. Possess the Slig at the top and get him to go to the right. Unlock the platform and kill the Sligs. Kill him and turn the wheel that is on top of you. Go to where the flying Slig is and possess him. Go up and kill the other flying Slig. Unlock the platform and then kill him. Then go back down and get the Slig from the lockers up. Kill all the Sligs that are on the platforms to clear the area. Then kill your Slig. Climb up and turn the wheel. Get up from the lockers and get to the "Suite A" and "Suite B" area.

Suite A Edit

Possess the Slig and kill him. Get the Mudokons down and pull the lever. Save them and then go through the door.

Suite B Edit

Pull the lever and jump down as a Slig will drop. Possess him and deactivate the electric fields below. Save the Mudokons and go through the door.

Climb up to the top and go to your left. Hide into the dark areas and when the Slig is not watching, use the "BOOM" machine. Get the grenade and blow the Slig up. Possess the other Slig below and kill the other one. Pull the lever and then turn the wheel. Get a grenade and go back to the right. Blow up the Slig on the top platform and get another grenade. Jump across and then go to the far right side and blow up the Chant Suppressor. Possess a Slig and press the button to unlock the platform. Use the "Getcha' Pants" and kill the other Sligs. Turn the wheel and then get to the "Suite C" and "Suite D" area.

Suite C Edit

Climb up and pull the lever. Possess the Slig and kill him. Save the Mudokons and exit through the door.

Suite D Edit

Pull the lever and sneak into the dark area. Get down and possess the Slig. Deactivate the electric fields and then kill him. Say "Sorry" to the Mudokons and save them. Exit through the door.

After this block is completed, exit through the top door.

Block 4 - Trophy Room/Bombing Range Edit

Climb up and use the teleporter when the Slig is not near it. Climb up when the Sligs are not looking towards you and get to the dark area. Roll to the left and then drop down when it is safe. Break the middle Ghost Trap to release the Ringed Spirit. The Mudokons will drop down. Use your power to avoid getting seen by the Slig. Run to your right and pull the lever to kill the Sligs. Get back and break the rest of the Ghost Traps. Say "Sorry" to all of the Mudokons and then get them to follow you to the bird portal which is at the right side. Climb up to the left and go through the door.

Climb up and drop down. Run to the well and pull the lever. The Slig should throw a grenade at you at that moment. Jump into the well and the mine with the Slig will blow up. Pull the lever again and drop down. Get across and roll to the left. Run to the far left and pull the lever. Get into the well and possess the Slig. Get him to kill the other Sligs and then kill him. Save all of the Mudokons. There is a secret area when you drop from the upper platform. Some bottles are visible. To access this area, you need to hoist down just below the end of the upper platform. Enter the bird portal to access it.

Secret Area 2:

Possess the Slig and pull the lever. Go to the right and avoid the electric fields and the bombs. Follow the path until you reach the end. Get the Slig killed by the bomb. Quickly jump into the portal and save the Mudokons.

Get to the far left and exit through the door. After you complete all of the blocks, the bottom door will open.

War Room Edit

Drop down and pull the lever. As soon as you do, get up the platform. Climb up and jump across. Sneak to the platform across and quickly pull the lever, before the Slig gets armed. Use the well and get up. Roll across the platform and then drop down. Quickly pull the lever and go back up using the well. Roll to the other side. Fall down and jump into the first well. It will get you up. When the Slig walks away, get back down carefully and pull the lever. Quickly, jump into the second well. Carefully walk through the lasers and pull the lever. Jump into the well and pull the other one. Possess the Glukkon and use the teleporter by saying "Do it!". As the Glukkon, use the Slig to blow up the bombs by saying "Come 'ere!" and "Help!" whenever there is no Slig nearby. After it is clear, jump down and walk to the left side. Unlock the platform and continue. Jump across and get to the floor below. Get to the bottom platform and go to where the barricade is. Call for help and have the Sligs blow up the mines. After its clear, have a Slig pull the lever and then pull the lever at the side to fall down the hatch. Use the "Security Fone" to continue.

Get down and exit through the door. Save the trapped Mudokons and go through the door. Afterwards, you will get back to FeeCo Depot.

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