Sloghut 2813 is the 10th level in Munch's Oddysee and the second Sloghut that Abe and Munch must navigate through to reach the Almighty Raisin. It's almost an exact replica of Sloghut 1027, with some differences:

  • Spooce does appear, but only a small amount at the start of the level, allowing Abe to possess some of the enemies whenever necessary.
  • The alcoves at the first area are connected and can be reached without a Crane, so Abe can toss down the Scrubs easily (provided the floor below is cleared first and that they don't land into the Slog Pens), and reach the lever that opens up the door to progress further into the level.
  • The Machine Operator that activates the Crane at the start of the level is now blocked off by a door that can be opened by a lever.
  • The Slog Pens now have 2 Slogs in each, and are the only Slogs found in the level.
  • The Shaman only appears once instead of twice (being at the area of the Gauntlet).
  • The Sligs in the Gaunlet that the Scrubs must be taken through now pull levers that drop Bonepowder Kegs. In addition, the Sligs now appear in the walkway above, and Munch can take them out with a Zap Vendo, reducing the amount of Bonepowder Kegs that'll drop.
  • The Land Mines in that Gauntlet now surround where the Sligs are, making it harder to walk around the Bonepowder Kegs.
  • There's no longer any Expressos.
  • The Machine Operator at the end of the Gauntlet now activates a Snoozer instead of a Crane, which can be used to take out the Sligs at the end of the Gauntlet.
  • There's no door at the start of the Gauntlet containing Scrubs that opens by standing on a Floor Switch.
  • The Multiple Levers are now reached by a well.
  • The alcoves with the Machine Operator and the Multiple Levers are not connected.
  • In the area with the Bird Portal and the Exit Pads, there's a Bounce and Invisible Vendo that Abe can use to reach additional Scrubs at the unreachable Sligs that drop the Bonepowder Kegs.


  • First Level to have the Invisible Vendo.
  • Only level where Non-Possessed Enemies pull Levers, that have a different sort of activation.
  • This level along with Fuzzle Testing and Vykker Suites has the fewest amount of Spooce throughout the entire level, with there being only a Small Amount found at the Start of the Level.

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