Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Brew

Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Brew

Abe and his Mudokons are running until they see a Soulstorm Brewery Machine.

Mudokon #1: "Boy, thank the Odd, something to drink!"

Abe: "Don't drink that!"

Mudokon #1: "Why not?"

Abe: "'Cause, uh, if Brew's made by Glukkons, it's probably bad for ya."

Alf: "What a wuss!"

Mudokon #1: "I hear ya."

Mudokon #3: "Look Abe... We came all this way just to help you."

Abe: "Well, bu-"

Alf: "It's not unresonable that we're just a li-i-ittle bit thirsty. Now is it?"

Abe: "Yeah, but..."

Alf: "In case you didn't notice!? We just walked across the desert!"

Mudokon #1: "So back off Stitch Lips!"

Abe: "But... Oh..."

Then after that, the Mudokons started drinking Soulstorm Brew.

Abe: "I tried to stop them, but they drank the Brew anyway... Lots of it."

Then we switch to the part where the Mudokons were feeling sick from brew.

Abe: "Then they got all sick-looking, but they still wanted more! that's when I figured this whole thing out, Brew is made from our bones!"

Abe: "This is bad, what do I do now?"

Blind Mudokon: "Whaddya do, how about leadin' us outta here?"

Abe: "Uh...Okay, follow me!"

Blind Mudokon: "Okay!"

Abe: "But!..."

At this point the Blind Mudokon falls to his death while Abe runs up to a cliff.

Abe: "Oops! I forgot he was blind. (breaking the 4th wall by addressing the player) Help me rescue the rest of them."

Then a Flying Slig appears clutching a WANTED! poster.

Flying Slig: I can't believe it! That's him, it's that Abe guy! [spots Abe] Promotion, here I come! FREEZE!