Name: SoulStorm Kennels
Type: Kennel
Years Active: Since the SoulStorm Brewery began its activity
Occupants: Numerous Livestock
Owner: Magog Cartel
Head Official: Brewmaster
Status: Destroyed

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The SoulStorm Kennels is a branch of the SoulStorm Brewery that is responsible for livestock owned by Brewmaster


After the construction of SoulStorm Brewery, the head official, Brewmaster, had dispossed out many unwanted creatures such as Fleeches or Scrabs by putting them in a distant location, somewhere underground the building. After the dispossal, Mudokon slaves were gathered in small formations ( from 2 to 4 ) and moved in different Kennels sectors. Guarded by fearsome and deadliest animals such as Fleeches and Scrabs, Mudokon slaves were forced to work everyday.


It is possible that the main creature reared in the Kennels are Fleeches due to the title picture shown on the right. This could mean that Fleeches are bred here as pets or natural deterrents or guards like Slogs. It is also possible that slogs are reared here because of it's nature as a Kennel. Also, instead of Fleeches in some levels, we found out Scrabs guarding.

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