Spooce Locks are used to open a closed door, travel well, or found on Transformation Shrines and Resurrection Totems to activate their respective properties. There are three different styles of spooce lock (but all work the same way), two of them are native styles and one is an industrial style. They all display the amount of spooce needed to open the lock or activate the totem on a screen. Spooce locks only appear in Munch's Oddysee. Both Abe and Munch can use them.

List of Spooce LocksEdit

Raisin's CaveEdit

  • The Door leading the level's exit: 50.

SpooceShrub ForestEdit

  • The Door leading to 2 other Mudokons: 40.
  • The first well in the game: 30.
  • A Door that leads further into the level: 65.
  • The Door leading to the Big Well/the level's exit: 85.

Fuzzle TestingEdit

  • The Door to progress further into the level right after the game's first Bird Portal: 20.

Hydroponic VatsEdit

  • Opens the Door leading to the level's exit: 99.

Fluoride TanksEdit

  • Opens up a well (3 different ones) to progress further into the level: 35, 25 and 32 respectively.
  • Opens a door leading to a section where you must avoid many Interns to get to a portal that'll end the level: 99.

Mudokon PensEdit

  • Opens the Door at the start of the level: 5.
  • Opens a well that shoots you the other side of the water: 60.

Paramite RunEdit

  • Opens the Door leading to the level's Exit Pad: 99.

Brewery to BeEdit

  • Opens the Door at the start of the level: 30.

Dead RiverEdit

  • Activates Purple Orbs that'll kill any approaching Sligs: 30.

No Muds LandEdit

  • Opens a well in the water: 99.

Boiler RoomEdit

  • Opens the Door leading to the Glukkon: 20.

Reservoir RowEdit

  • Opens the Door leading to the area of the level's first Glukkon: 22.

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