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Squeek is the proposed third hero, to be seen in Oddworld: Squeek's Oddysee. Little is known about his appearance or background.


While not much is known about Squeek, we do know that Squeek uses a form of symbiosis with the Brain Slurg. Squeek attaches a Brain Slurg to a host's ear, possessing them; much like an Octigi. Squeek is also on the bottom of the food chain. In addition, the disease Gorman Disenza is said to play a vital role in Squeek's Oddysee. According to a recent interview with Lorne Lanning the Vykkers had been making robotic life support devices because so they could reposses people's body parts like how you'd get evicted. They'd stick whats left of you in this clunky robotic form and tossed you out in the street. That's who Squeek was but who he REALLY was would come out in the story.

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