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"Pants! Pants! I need some pants!"
- Slig

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Faction Native
Class Unknown
Family Unknown
Homeland Mudos
Role Guardians
Conservation Status Critically Endangered

The Steef are a legendary breed of centaur-like creatures that appear to have the lower body of a horse, the upper body of a gorilla, and an head similar to a lion's. Once the protectors of the meek Grubbs, wild ones are now a rare sight. Ancient statues have been erected in their honor. One tribe of Grubbs believed their Steef Guardian to have been killed by a "demon" called Sekto. Steef have become a favored game animal for hunters from Oddworld's industrial races, which puts Steef in danger of extinction. They used to roam in herds until their near extinction, with only a few known to remain.The most famous steef, Stranger, never truly deems himself to be a steef, as he feels unfit to be one. He finally embraces his kind when Stranger must takes down the evil Sekto.

Notable Steefs Edit



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