Stockyards (level)

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Previous Level Rupture Farms
Next Level Monsaic Lines
Game Abe's Oddysee
Character Abe
Place Stockyards
Mudokons to Free 4
Enemies -

Stockyards is the second level of Abe's Oddysee.

Summary Edit

After landing inside of a meat barrel, Abe is knocked unconscious and manages to avoid being spotted by a pair of Sligs. Upon regaining consciousness, he tilted over the barrel and landed in the Rupture Farms Stockyards. Abe must navigate his way through the livestock holding pens and out to desert to freedom. Upon escaping the stockyards, Abe sneaks past several Slig and Slog patrol encampments before reaching the outer boundaries of the meat processing complex. While marveling at the Mudokon Moon, Abe accidentally falls off a cliff and appears to have died on impact before being resurrected by a mysterious entity.

Goals Edit

  • Escape Rupture Farms.
  • Rescue any Mudokons along the way.

Notes Edit

  • Do not move when the laser scanners from the Motion Detectors comes too close to you. They will dispatch mobile mines that will follow you until you are killed.
  • At the beginning of the level there is a lone Mudokon in the same holding pen as a Scrab. Start chanting as soon as you spot them and the Mudokon will jump into the Bird Portal behind him; saving him from the hungry Scrab.
  • Avoid going down into the pens unless it is necessary.
  • Chanting will not set off the Motion Detectors' security systems as they do not behave in the same manner as the Security Orbs.

Secret Area Edit

In one of the sections, there is a doorway hidden in the shadows of a holding pen. The doorway will appear to be in the same pen as a Scrab but in reality there is a barrier separating the Scrab from reaching you. The doorway will bring you to the walkways that can be seen in the background.

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