The Almighty Raisin is still sleeping as the two Mudokons are still meditating, then Abe and Munch enter the chamber, Raisin wakes up

Raisin: It's about time, stitch-lips, I see you've found our one-legged friend, you will help each other find what is most important to each of you.

Munch: I don't get it.

Abe pulls at one of Munch's head fins to prevent him from hopping away.

Raisin: For you, my lonely Gabbit...

Munch (Surprised): Huh?!

Raisin: If you ever see Gabbits again, it will be because you helped Stitch-lips save his unborn brothers from Vykker's Labs.

At first Munch is interested in seeing other Gabbits, but the thought of going back to Vykker's Labs fills him with fear.

Munch: No, no no no no, I'm NOT goin' back there

Raisin: Listen to me, gadget-top and you listen good! You WILL go to Vykkers Labs, there you will find Gabbiar...

We see a can of Gabbiar in a protective cold storage receptacle.

Raisin: The last can of this priceless dish, Gabbit Eggs.

We switch back to the Munch, he is confused.

Munch: our eggs?

Abe: You know what's in a Mudokon Pop?

We now see Vykker's Labs and then the Loading Dock with Intern Guards wielding guns.

Raisin: Vykker's Labs is a most formidable fortress, it would seem impossible to break in, there is only one way...

We now see a Glukkon Pud, the bottom of the pile in Glukkon heirarchy, he is asleep on the job.

Raisin: You must help a Glukkon, a most lazy incompetent pitiful excuse for a Glukkon, he is called Lulu!

Lulu (suddenly wakes up): Huh, What?!

Camera switches back to the Almighty Raisin

Raisin:He is your key to enter Vykker's Labs...

We see a machine titled "Lulu's Fund".

Raisin: You must make Lulu rich...filthy rich...

We see a montage where Lulu's status increase from Pud, Chump, Wanna-Be, Big Cheese and finally to the highest status, where his office and wealth increase accordingly, the only constant is he is asleep in all five cases.

Raisin: ...for this is the only way, he will rise, to the status, of Glockstar.

We switch back to the Almighty Raisin

Raisin: Through this poor excuse for a being, you will aquire the fortune that wins back that last can of Gabbiar and you Stitch-lips...

Abe: Me?

Raisin: Through Lulu...

We see a place filled with Sam's Labor Eggs, unhatched Mudokons, intended to become slaves of the Magog Cartel and to a lesser extent Vykker's Labs.

Raisin: will find your unborn brothers.

We switch back to the Almighty Raisin

Raisin:Your destinies are together, only together will you succeed, help Lulu and then...and then...

The Almighty Raisin goes to sleep mid-sentence, Munch is annoyed.

Munch:That's it? (looks at camera) THAT'S the big message?!

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