Abe is sneaking in the shadows, he is in the boardroom where 3 Glukkons and a Slig are, he hides in the shadows to listen in on their conversation.

Glukkon #1: Hey! That bastard Abe's here!

Glukkon #2: I DEMAND to know, who is at fault here!

Glukkon #3: You're NOT pinnin' this on ME!

A Slig is on the phone, speaking to someone

Slig: I'm tellin' ya, it's that Abe guy, sell, dump it, lose it, GET RID OF IT!

Glukkon #3: I work hard, I WORK HARD!

Glukkon #1: What if he gets to the boiler?

Glukkon #2: The boiler?

Abe: The boiler?

Glukkon #1: What are we going to do?

Abe: The boiler?!


Abe knows what he has to do and the camera zooms in to Abe as he breaks the 4th wall, giving the camera both thunbs up

Abe: Yeah!

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