We see a monitor of the area that Abe will be entering, a place where Mudokons are shocked over a container for reasons that will be explained, this is being monitored by a Slig.

Abe (Narrating): Then I found out about the other ingredients...

Brewmaster, a Glukkon wearing a white wrap with bad teeth and the equivalent of a French accent suprises him.

Brewmaster: HEY!! How are we doing on tears?

Slig: Twenty gallons an hour, boss!

Brewmaster: Whaaat? That is not near enough, how are we going to get that deep rich flavour? The SMOOTH, without being BITTER! You might as well take out their BONES!

Slig: It ain't my fault boss, we keep running outta mudokons, they keep disappearin'!

Brewmaster: I don't need excuses, I...NEED...TEARS! TURN UP THE GAUGE, DO IT!!!

Slig: I'm on it, boss!

The slig increases the amount of shocks that the mudokons recieve by moving a lever

Abe (Narrating): First our meat, then our bones, NOW OUR TEARS?!

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