Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (PC version) cutscenes 8 - The Ending-104:11

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (PC version) cutscenes 8 - The Ending-1

Stranger's Wrath Ending

Stranger drags Sekto through the rubble of Sekto's office, and picks up Sekto's unconscious body and heaves it over his head and lets out a roar of accomplishment.

  • Random Grubb: Whoa, what's that?
  • Random Grubb: Steef, It's the Steef!
  • All Grubbs: Steef! Steef! Steef! Steef!

Stranger smiles with pride up in the dam. Suddenly the dam shakes and trembles.

  • Grubb: RUN!! The dam is starting to FALL!

Stranger jumps out of the falling dam.

"Fierce is the spirit of her waters, she creates us - binds us flows in us The fool who dare enslaves her beware she wash his life away." -Native Grubb Proverb-

Stranger walks through the rubble. He notices hooves in Sekto's left pant leg. Stranger turns over Sekto's body to see the bloody face of the Olden Steef.

Everyone gasps.

The Olden Steef looks up.

  • Olden Steef: Is the water, free?
  • Stranger: Yeah, all free.
  • Olden Steef: Free,

The Olden Steef dies as Stranger closes its eyes out of respect with a sad look in his own eyes as Sekto sits watching in the crystal clear water. He turns around in the water, and swims away. You can see debris from the dam.

"There is a road in the hearts of all of us.

Hidden and seldom traveled.

Which leads to an unknown secret place."

- Chief Luther Standing Bear

Sioux Nation (1868-1939)

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