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The Loading Dock is a cutscene in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee that plays during the level of the same name.

Video Edit

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Transcript Edit

The first two Mudokons you free in the level are transported outside of Vykker's Labs.

Mudokon # 1: Hey, lookin' good!

Mudokon # 2: Seeing that now we're out of those work clothes and all cleaned up...

Mudokon # 1: These loincloths make me feel like a new Mud.

Mudokon # 2: Okay, so we wait here, and gather up all the egg crates, that Abe and Munch are gonna throw into the loading chute. Right?

Mudokon # 1: That's my understanding.

Mudokon # 2: (addressing the player obviously) I hope they don't break them all...

They both look directly at the camera, as if they know what the player is going to do...

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