Oddworld mudokon fortress
Oddworld mudokon fortress start
The Mudokon Fortress is the 9th Level in Munch's Oddysee.

At first, the sky and the water in the level start out green. At first The Shaman tells Abe and Munch of a Lone Mudokon Fortress in the area that's been invaded by Several Sligs, and that the Local Mudokons will need their help to prevent it from being taken over. Thankfully there are Purple Orbs that'll Zap any Sligs that come near the Fortress, restricting them to a Specific Area unless they've been Possessed. The Doors to the Fortress will only stay open for about 10 seconds after the levers to open them have been pulled, though one of the doors is stuck open with a Tomahawker walking around it, which Abe won't be able to greet until after he gets his allies to chant the door closed on The Chant Circles. Nearby the Fortress is a Transformation Shrine that can be used to Upgrade Abe's allies into More Powerful Club Wielding Tomahawkers. In addition to the Fortress, there's also an area on the water with Fuzzles to save, as well as Tomahakwer's placed behind doors guarded by Sligs. The main thing in the area though is that the water in front of the next Sloghut was been drained, requiring Abe's allies to Chant at a Storm Circle to raise it again. Once it's been raised, Munch can hop into the water to reach a Crane to clear the area of Sligs by dropping them into the Now Raised Water. Then Munch can hop onto a ledge to open up the doors leading to the Sloghut, but Abe will once again need his allies to use the Chant Circles to activate the Inactive Exit Pads to take him and Munch to the next level.


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