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This is RuptureFarms is the first cutscene for Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and serves an intro into the game.

Video Edit

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Rupture Farms Intro PS105:39

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Rupture Farms Intro PS1

Transcript Edit

A heavily polluted industrial landscape appears; a factory complex with smoke coming out of various places, a flying orb with a visible red light flies around it - a surveillance device. It passes through a conveyer belt with various ribcages with meat on them, Mudokon workers pulling levers to allow and block the passage of the meat, and an area where barrels are being stamped. We zoom onto one of them, it rotates to show the company logo featuring a smiling Glukkon with "Rupture Farms" written below it.

Abe: This is Rupture Farms. They say it's the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld. I used to work here, well...I was really a slave like all the others.

We see a Mudokon in a holding cell with his hands bound making him stand up, looking depressed over something that happened recently.

Abe: That's me; my name is Abe. I was "Employee of the Year," NOW i'm dead meat. I crossed the meanest boss in the world - Mullock the Glukkon. My whole life changed in just one day. I was working late one night at Rupture Farms...

The scene transitions to a circular corridor with Abe operating a floor waxing machine earlier that day. He looks happy and is hard at work. He pauses to examine a poster advertising "Meech Munchies." The poster states that these treats are "No longer available" and also has grafitti displaying "EXTINCT" in black paint.

Abe: We used to make Meech Munchies...

Abe sighs and hangs his head, regretfully knowing their fate.

Abe: Until the Meeches were through.

Abe carries on with his floor waxing and stops at another billboard advertising "Paramite Pies" rubbing his torso.

Abe (Speaking): Mmm...

Abe: We still made Paramite Pies...

Abe carries on and then stops at a billboard advertising "Scrab Cakes", rubbing his hands.

Abe: ...and we made some good Scrab Cakes too.

Abe (Speaking): Mmm...

Abe carries on and pauses at a billboard advertising "Coming Soon: Something New 'N Tasty", he looks at it with surprise.

Abe: I thought I had a good job, but that was before I knew how we'd be makin' "New 'N Tasty" that was still to find...

Abe sees an open door and his curiosity gets the better of him and he looks at what's in the room beyond, It contains a number of Glukkons, Abe's bosses, each wearing body wrapping robes, the one in the middle is smoking a cigar and has with him a Slig bodyguard with robot legs, it is the Annual Board Meeting according to the large monitor in front of them.

Abe: The truth, it turned THAT would blow my mind...

Slig: Okay, here we are...

The Slig shows those in the meeting a line graph showing the profits of both Paramite Pies and Scrab Cakes, they all show the lines pointing downwards.

Abe: The Glukkons were scared as profits were grim...

Glukkon: Eh, you see that?

All except Mullock shout out despairingly at each other and at Mullock. Mullock is quite calm.

Abe: The Paramites and Scrabs had been turning up thin.

Molluck: As you can see, things are goin' down.

Angry Glukkon: Hey, come on, Mullock, what ya doin' huh?!

Mullock: 'em.

Slig: Okay, boss.

Slig switches the monitor to show the projected sales for "New N' Tasty", the line graph is pointing upwards

Abe: But Mullock was cool, he had a plan...

Angry Glukkon: Spit it out!

Abe is watching this with curiosity, wondering what "New N' Tasty" is.

Abe: This new kind of meat...

Abe now looks in shock at his boss' plans.

Abe: It was US!!!

Molluck: We gotta lotta Mudokons; we'll chop them up.

We see an advertisement for "Mudokon Pops" - "New N' Tasty" - with a disembodied Mudokon head impaled on a stick. Abe is now scared out of his wits after finding out that he and his fellow workers are now on the menu. He sees a chart of Mudokon anatomy.

Glukkon: Good job, Mullock!

All within the board laugh as they believe that their "workers" will solve their financial problems as Rupture Farms newest product. Abe backs off and looks around and realizing that a surveillance camera has spotted him, he runs in the opposite direction and keeps running through the factory.

Abe: I just HAD to escape, I just HAD to be free and I didn't even know I had a destiny, so...GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

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