Hello Guy's ever since that "Dark Future" Fiasco. Everything's gone quiet for a while so I decided during the silence of you idiot's to give theme song's to the oddworld character's. 

Abe: It fit's abe since well he's a rebel to the glukkon's. 

Munch: the chilled out beat fit's munch at least.

Humphrey and Irwin: Humphrey and Irwin remind me of Reed and Roger Dual Pyschopath's from DR2 or Dead Rising 2.


Big Face: because big face is tribal

Future Abe:Yet to decide.

This is my second post so review below and give me your opinion's on this!

And a last treat for everyone! 

Oddworld Dark Future Lock and Load Trailer theme

Official Main Theme:

Ok That's it so enjoy everybody!

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