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  • Painkiller001

    "Ze Boilah" is overheating in this part of this country! - many inhabitants and employees waiting for the big day, as we may speak. It's not just a normal's a new perspective, a new graphic model, new cutscenes, and a new gameplay. 

    After the big day, what next? Well, in this way, the problem becomes complex. On which console? Or on PC? These two questions are hard to be answered. Of course, some will say: Console! Or, PS Vita! Others, will pretend not hearing the first ones and will shout: PC!

    Anyway, i can predict that new people will come in our Oddworld Wikia - some new, some old - rejoining this lost and powerfull community. The Oddworld Wikia will become more popular ( i hope so ) in the future days of releasing the New 'n' Ta…

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  • Painkiller001

    Ah, the smell of victory is coming. Throw the ashes and fire, risses soon Oddworld Abe's Odysee HD. Im putting myself some questions. Its going to be awsome? People really expect this? Well, i can hardly say that, my friends, were at the begining of a " long journey ".

    Several days ago, a friend sent me a link. Surprisingly, it was related to Abe's Odysee HD. An important article describes the work and the progression of the game itself. " Amazing! " i said exited. " Now this is a perfect piece of information! "

    A part, it looks something like this : " Abe’s Oddysee enjoyed wide success when it was released back on the original Playstation in 1997. While a 2D platformer at heart, Abe’s Oddysee features a lot of puzzle solving through the art …

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  • Painkiller001
    • ==== Staying in front of my leptop and drink a hot coco, the smelling of that coco is infiltrating in my lungs so easily. Writting, has been for me a very pleasent surprise, meaning that very easily i can create and detail every action, every character, every place. Anyway, firstly when i found out that Oddworld Wiki really exists, i was like in the seventh sky. Anyway or anyhow, i searched all over this Wiki a lot of stuff. Some of the articles are really cool, awsome and expanded but some....really thin, less information...less "customers" in searching the real truth beyond the world of Oddworld.
    • ==== It happens to me that when i had the chance to edit some articles, i had a big surprise. Posting or uploading a picture is an "permission er…
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