Running Elk

aka Owen

  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on August 15
  • I am male
  • Running Elk

    To every Oddworld fan.

    When I saw that Oddworld was coming out on the Xbox back in 2001 me and my brother just had to get an Xbox to play Oddworld. Then Oddworld Inhabitants went out of business a few years latter. Then I got an Xbox 360 and really liked that as well, and then the Xbox became my favorite system. About a few years later Oddworld Inhabitants got back in business with the help of J.A.W. and that there remaking all of the Oddworld games then coming out with new ones, I was very happy about this, then Microsoft said no for Oddworld to come out on the Xbox 360, this like a normal Oddworld fan made me very mad at Microsoft. The problem was I am a big fan in Oddworld and the Xbox, and my PC can't run all the new Oddworld's, and I …

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