Faction Industrial
Class Unknown
Family Unknown
Homeland Mudos
Role Doctors/Scientists
Conservation Status Least Concern

Vykkers are a race of mad scientists native to Oddworld who control Vykkers Labs.


Vykkers are ugly creatures with massive heads, beady eyes that appear in hues of yellow, green, have frail bodies, and wrinkly purple, green or grey skin. Vykkers use twisted methods on themselves, living allotted lifespans, and this shows in their physical appearance. Their bodies continue to work long after their expiration dates, covered in saggy, thin skin that  reveals their bones, veins and muscles, and appears to be torn and rotten in some places.They have seven limbs: four spindly arms with three-clawed hands, and three stumpy legs arranged in a tripodal stance; these short legs may be the result of amputation as evidenced by the stitching and lack of feet. Unlike most Oddworld inhabitants, Vykkers have no Queen, all of them being hermaphrodites. They typically wear very little clothing, and all of them (excluding headley with his deep voice) have whiny, high-pitched voices.


Vykkers run, own and operate the Vykker's Conglomerate in close coordination with the Glukkon's Magog Cartel.   Although they are neither as wealthy nor as powerful as the Glukkons, they are highly respected amongst the industrial races thanks to their extensive knowledge of medicine, surgery, and artificial preservatives, which they use to extend their own lives by hundreds of years.  The only thing known about their history and culture as that they arrived at this knowledge as a happy coincidence; above all other things Vykkers enjoy inflicting pain and unnecessary suffering upon other species, and it was through this they developed their talent for pharmaceuticals and vivisection.  The most well known Vykker-run installation was the floating Vykker's Labs; here Vykkers drove species such as the Gabbit and the Fuzzle to the brink of extinction until the intervention of Abe and Munch.

Unlike most apex industrial races Vykkers are quite capable of defending themselves with their multitude of sharp, dexterous claws and equally lethal lab equipment.  Although they prefer to employ Sligs and Interns to do their grunt work they will fight if forced to, and sometimes even join battle in armored suits.  With that said they are individualistic to the extreme; despite their great love of inflicting pain on others, they are quickly reduced to a sobbing wreck if they have it thrown back to them, however some vykkers love of inflicting pain is extended to their own bodies, and have sadomaschonistic tendencies, as 2 in the gabbiar auction had grafted strips of skin onto their own faces, skin graphs without anesthetic are considered stylish and they all appear to have mutilated their own legs. This was explained in the art of oddworlds inhabitants.

As evinced by Doc, some Vykkers travel well outside the usual industrial haunts to ply their medical trade, for which they charge extremely highly.  Although they bare a passing resemblance to Glukkons and the rest of the Oktigi family, Vykkers are a distinct species.  Their only known cousins are the Interns, whom the Vykkers use as an indentured work and security force.

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Trivia Edit

  • The concept for the Vykkers was inspired by that of the aliens of real world popular culture much like Vykkers Labs which was designed to look like a flying saucer used for experiments.
  • The Vykkers and Interns are members of the same unknown family in terms of biological classification.

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