Stranger walks into Doc's office
  • Doc: Well, welcome back! You'll be happy to see I've worked up an ingenius approach to your,...

He looks around to make sure no ones watching.

  • Doc: Little problem.

Stranger makes a low growl.

  • Doc: Right, well then, due to the "unique nature" of this case the operation is shaping up to be rather..

Doc slams a load of paper on the counter.

  • Doc: complicated.

Stranger puts a wad of $50 Moolah bills on the counter.

  • Doc: Right, well, give or take a few grand!

Doc slams the operation manual on the stack of papers. On the front it says: $20,000.

  • Stranger: What?

The camera points at the manual, then back at Stranger.

  • Stranger: I ain't payin' that!
  • Doc: Right, well, um, sorry to hear that then, but I got a buisness to run.

While he says this he's putting the papers away. In the process Stranger takes one hand and grinds the top of the counter. The Doc shivers in fear of him.

  • Stranger: I need this...

He taps his fingers.

  • Stranger: to survive.
  • Doc: Right, well, that could be, couldn't it, for yoooouuuu.
  • Stranger: How the h*** am I payin for this?
  • Doc: You're the big bad-a** bounty hunter, you figure it out!

Doc walks away, Stranger picks up his Moolah, then his operation manual and puts them his vest and leaves.

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