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Abe has just transformed into Shrykull and disintegrated the Glukkons and Sligs in the Board Room, whereupon he changes back. After he pulls a lever, two more Sligs appear, Abe is looking scared, a slig knocks him out with his rifle butt, then we see a corridor where two Sligs are dragging an unconscious Abe along it with a Slig covering the rear. We now return to the holding cell where Abe is being restrained, he is asleep, then the door opens to reveal Mullock and a Slig, he lights his cigar. Abe has woken up and is understandably scarred.

Abe: Well...I rescued Mudokons...but who's gonna rescue me?

The Slig pulls the lever to reveal that Abe is over a meat grinder about to be minced, he is in a state of terror.

Abe: Cos here I am, face to face with Mullock the Glukkon.

Mullock: Do it!

Slig: Yeah!

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